Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the US Contributions Program

Does AstraZeneca provide contributions to “for-profit” organizations?

No, AstraZeneca only provides contributions to nonprofit organizations with a 501(c) designation as indicated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or schools, such as a public elementary or secondary school. School and faith-based programs must be open to the public. You will be asked to provide an EIN or Tax ID number in order to complete this application. If you need assistance obtaining your EIN or Federal Tax ID number for your organization, please call the IRS at 1-877-829-5500.

Does AstraZeneca provide contributions to individuals?

No, AstraZeneca does not provide contributions to individuals. If you are seeking help affording your medication, please refer to our patient assistance programs site.

Does AstraZeneca provide contributions to religious organizations?

Yes, for 501(c) organizations who are offering otherwise-eligible programs that are open to the public.

Are there particular areas of focus for which AstraZeneca gives contributions?

Yes, AstraZeneca is committed to the following three key strategic areas of focus:

  • Our Core Therapeutic Areas: Programs and initiatives that help educate and support patients managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammation and infection, respiratory diseases, cancer, and conditions we’re addressing through neuroscience (including mental health).
  • Health & Science Innovation: Programs and initiatives that innovatively address the challenges to healthcare across the US. For example, how does understanding the science behind treatments help patients make better health decisions? What does it take to challenge a person to not only think differently about their health but also to change their behavior? What’s new in how we engage the next generation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education?
  • Community Investment: Smaller, community-focused programs that help fill a gap to improve health and healthcare and help empower patients to manage their own health better.

Does AstraZeneca provide contributions for mission support of organizations?

Yes, mission support is defined as a contribution that can be used to support a nonprofit organization’s overall strategic direction and that helps it fulfill its charter. This can include support for salaries, equipment, operating expenses, etc. AstraZeneca does NOT generally provide mission support requests for capital project funding, debt reduction or endowment-building.

Do you accept unsolicited applications?

Yes, once per year during the month of July. Please carefully review our website which gives guidelines to ensure that your application meets our criteria. Unsolicited applications must be submitted at least six to eight weeks before your requested funding start date to allow time for application review. You will be notified of our decision by email within six to eight weeks.

If my organization is filling out an unsolicited application for a contribution, is there a dollar limit to the amount of the application?

Yes. Unsolicited applications must be less than or equal to $15,000.

How long does it take to reach a decision on an application? (internal/external website)

Typically, we will make a decision within six to eight weeks from receipt of application, with notification communicated via email. We carefully consider each application based on available funding resources, the scope of the project being funded, impact to patient health and alignment with our key strategic areas, among other things.

Can my organization apply for multiyear funding?

Only invited organizations can apply for multiyear funding. These funding requests must be greater than or equal to $100,000 for all years combined.

  • Applicants who are approved for a multiyear contribution must reapply annually for continued funding consideration and meet or make progress toward program objectives by the six-month mark for each year following.
  • All multiyear funding recipient organizations must sign a Letter of Agreement and meet all reporting requirements and time frames.

Is our organization required to submit follow-up about how we used AstraZeneca funds?

If you are awarded $50,000 or more, you must submit detailed program outcomes reports every six months, showing specific results that demonstrate the success/progress of your initiative.

Is AstraZeneca permitted to receive goods or services (such as an exhibit space or a meal) in connection with the funding of an initiative?

Yes, but the value of goods and services received MUST be less than the contribution requested; otherwise, it is NOT considered a contribution.

Can any of the funds for a contribution be used for political lobbying?

No, AstraZeneca does not provide contributions to organizations who intend to use any part of the funding for political lobbying.

Can the contribution from AstraZeneca be paid to a US teaching hospital?

Yes, but the applicant will be asked to confirm that they understand and agree that any such payment will be tracked and reported to satisfy the requirements of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, now referred to as OPEN PAYMENTS. Reporting may include, but is not limited to, name of US teaching hospital, payment amount, purpose of payment, date of payment, Tax ID and/or National Provider Identifier (NPI) information.

Do you list the organizations that AstraZeneca makes contributions to or the amounts of the contributions?

Yes. AstraZeneca is committed to transparency and publicly posts information about our contributions to nonprofit organizations on our company website twice each year.

Can the contribution from AstraZeneca be used to pay a US-licensed physician?

No. Funds cannot be used to provide a US-licensed physician with compensation, honorarium or expense reimbursement (e.g. meals, travel and lodging) or to subsidize costs for a program meal (charitable fundraisers excluded) in which US physicians are in attendance.

Can the contribution from AstraZeneca be used to support continuing education, scholarships or fellowships for healthcare professionals or for students at the graduate level or beyond being trained to be healthcare professionals?

No. AstraZeneca cannot provide contributions for these purposes. Requests for continuing education should be made through the Medical Education Grants Office website.

Does AstraZeneca support scholarships for health and science education?

Yes, but only for young people in elementary school through undergraduate.

Does previous support of a program by AstraZeneca guarantee future support?

No. Each contribution request is evaluated on its own merits.