US compliance program

AstraZeneca US is committed to the highest standards of conduct in all our operations. This includes complying with all relevant US laws and regulations, and promoting ethical behavior on the part of all our employees. Our commitment to corporate compliance extends from top to bottom, across every level of the organization.

Key objectives

The AstraZeneca US Compliance Program is focused on two equally important objectives:

  • Exercising due diligence to prevent, detect and correct unlawful conduct
  • Promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and compliance with law.

Fundamental elements

These objectives are accomplished through the coordinated implementation of the fundamental elements of the US Compliance Program:

  • Leadership and Structure that is responsible and accountable for the development, operation and oversight of the Compliance Program;
  • Employing the Right People who possess a strong and unwavering degree of integrity and commitment to ethical behavior;
  • Written Policies and Procedures to assist employees to comply with laws and regulations and to serve as a tool to identify instances of noncompliance;
  • Training and Education to ensure employees are aware of company polices and procedures and appropriate behavior;
  • Lines of Communication to enable employees to report actual and suspected policy violations or request guidance.
  • Auditing and Monitoring to ensure the program is operating effectively;
  • Investigation of Violations and Enforcement of Policy for those who either engage in misconduct or fail to take reasonable steps to prevent or detect compliance and ethics violations
  • Corrective Action to address any identified shortcomings in the program.

A risk-based approach

In addition to these fundamental elements, the Compliance Program is founded on a risk-based approach. The Compliance Officer, with input from affected functional areas, identifies key risk areas for our business and tailors compliance efforts to mitigate risk in those areas.