Household Generated Sharps Management Plan

AstraZeneca is committed to providing its consumers and distributors information necessary to ensure the safe use, transportation, storage and disposal of our products. In connection with this commitment, AstraZeneca has prepared a “Household Generated Sharps Management Plan” to support the safe collection and proper disposal of waste sharps in response to state sanctioned regulations requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers that sell or distribute a medication that is self-administered through the use of self-injectable devices to prepare and/or submit a plan describing how the manufacturer supports the safe collection and proper disposal of waste sharps. Currently two states, California and Minnesota, have issued requirements for Household Generated Sharps management. For California, the plan must be submitted to the California Integrated Waste Management Board and posted on the manufacturer’s web site. The State of Minnesota only requires that the plan is posted on the manufacturer’s web site.

With the launch of the BYDUREON® Pen in September 2014, AstraZeneca now has four commercially available products which use self-injectable sharps. Patients prescribed one of these products always receives Patient Prescribing Information, Instructions For Use, and/or a Medication Guide detailing the proper handling and disposal of waste sharps. Additionally, each product has educational and support materials which provide patients with this information. The sections of the product websites which contain sharps information are as follows:

The AstraZeneca Household Generated Sharps Management Plan is as follows:

Additional Sharps disposal guidance for all states is available at the following web pages: