Corporate transparency

  • Contributions disclosure

    View biannual reports of our contributions to nonprofit organizations and independent medical education grants to educational provider organizations.

  • Physician Engagement

    AstraZeneca is committed to the highest standards of conduct in all of our operations, including how we partner with physicians and medical institutions. View a summary of payments and transfers of value to US-based physicians and institutions.

  • Political contributions

    View reports of all political contributions made by AstraZeneca and the employee Political Action Committee, and learn how AstraZeneca is committed to participating in the political process as a responsible corporate citizen.

  • Postmarketing study commitments

    View a summary of clinical and preclinical commitments that are currently active for AstraZeneca products.

  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

    View the standard operating procedure for Managing Financial Conflict of Interests (FCOI) related to research funded by Public Health Service in the US.