Employees Give Back to those Affected by Natural Disasters in 2017

Many parts of the United States saw devastating natural disasters hit their communities and impact families and all aspects of life this year. From the numerous hurricanes affecting the Gulf Coast region, to the wildfires in California, we remained focused on the safety of our employees in the affected areas across the country and identified ways we as a company could support those communities. See our earlier blog post regarding Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The generosity of our employees to support relief aid was evident with more than $140,000 donated for various disaster relief charities through AstraZeneca’s Power of Us program. Many employees volunteered their time to directly help with clean-up efforts, while others organized drives for needed supplies in Houston, TX, Puerto Rico, and other regions.

AstraZeneca partnered with the American Red Cross to build 5,200 comfort kits for those around the country affected by recent disasters, including Hurricanes Maria and Harvey. In November, various AstraZeneca US sites participated in these kit builds including Boulder, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Mt. Vernon, Philadelphia, Waltham, West Chester and Wilmington. The kits included everyday necessities, such as toothbrushes and soap, for those displaced by natural disasters. 

Our Wilmington site hosted a thank you letter campaign to send notes of appreciation to first responders, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. More than 100 notes were sent to the American Red Cross, who helped to distribute them to the men and women involved in rescue and relief efforts in the Gulf Coast.

We continue to work with our non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - Americares and Direct Relief International - to understand medicine needs in affected communities and deliver products where and when appropriate. We also support the American Red Cross Corporate Disaster Responder program, which provides ongoing financial resources to respond to natural disasters as they arise. 

We remain committed to identifying the best ways to support the communities that are affected by natural disasters and we extend our appreciation to our dedicated employees who have stepped up and offered their help.