Making Medicine Personal in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Last month we shared how we’re Making Medicine Personal for patients managing respiratory health. This month we’re continuing that conversation by focusing on the value of how we’re treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are complex and require life-long attention. Patients need to address many factors — from preventive measures, to care at the onset of disease to ongoing disease management. Our goal at AstraZeneca is to reduce the high cost of long-term complications with comprehensive support programs and resources that provide a thoughtful, personalized approach. We do this to help patients adhere to their treatment, reduce re-admission rates and change the course of disease by improving quality of care and ensuring that innovative medicines are being researched and accessible to patients in a timely manner.

We support patients with an understanding of the various risk factors that come with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, acknowledging the need for an integrated approach. We have evolved our expertise to look at patients holistically, to understand how metabolic diseases interact with and increase the risk of cardiovascular complications and disease. This has armed us with the knowledge to follow the patient throughout their health care journey. Rather than treating single conditions, we focus on the patient as a whole, taking into account a number of health challenges and risk factors that impact patients across the entire cardio-metabolic treatment paradigm.

For those living with one or more chronic conditions, maintaining long-term health is more than a lifestyle, it’s a requirement. We want to be part of the patient’s successful health journey at every step — making sure not only that they are receiving the proper treatment, but that they also have the tools for adhering to their doctor’s recommendations.

How? By creating programs like Fit2Me, which helps patients diagnosed with diabetes understand the challenges they face and help coach them to a healthier lifestyle. We also provide in-person coaching from certified diabetes educators for some patients facing a new diagnosis.  Understanding that patients face many challenges following a heart attack, AstraZeneca is proud to be the founding sponsor of the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) Patient Navigator Program, which helps patients transition following their diagnosis and provides personalized support to avoid readmission to the hospital. We also offer copay assistance initiatives to help patients manage costs and adhere to the medicines as their doctors have prescribed.

AstraZeneca believes in engaging in meaningful collaborations across the healthcare system. We’ve joined PatientsLikeMe for a five-year program to shape the future of medicines, and as a founding sponsor of the Diabetes Collaborative Registry -- an interdisciplinary collaboration led by the American College of Cardiology, in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, the American College of Physicians and the Joslin Diabetes Center -- we aim to support the improvement and quality of diabetes and metabolic care. We also recognize the importance of translating our leadership in cardiovascular disease to continued discussions around innovation in treatment options. In line with this thinking, AstraZeneca has partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) and Verily Health on One Brave Idea , a groundbreaking research enterprise, One Brave Idea is the largest one-time investment in a team with a focus to end coronary heart disease. We also seek to accelerate the application of updated science through our collaborative efforts. Through a grant, AstraZeneca supports The American Heart Association’s (AHA) Guideline Transformation Optimization program (GTO), which seeks to accelerate the application of updated science, providing an integrated approach to transform clinical guidelines into practice.

Through innovative approaches, patient support programs, and strategic collaborations with partners to improve patient care, we’re making medicine personal to improve your treatment, your health, and your future.

In future blog posts, we look forward to sharing how we’re making medicine personal for patients receiving cancer treatment. Stay tuned.