Health and science innovation

Continued improvements to health outcomes will rely on innovation. AstraZeneca is supporting the development of the next generation of scientists and strengthening the independent medical education provided to current students and practitioners. We also contribute thought leadership to drive growth in the life sciences sector.


Addressing today’s most pressing health challenges will require equipping the next generation of scientists with the knowledge and skills to be entrepreneurial problem-solvers. Through our US Contributions program, AstraZeneca supports community-based programs for K–undergraduate students that help to build capacity in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Some examples include:

  • Science from Scientists: This organization enables classroom teachers to change elementary and middle school students’ attitudes and aptitudes towards STEM by complementing conventional in-class instruction with powerful programs that promote learning through hands-on experimentation and discussion. Science from Scientists sends real, charismatic scientists into the classroom every other week for the entire school year providing. These role models help students understand that scientists are well-rounded individuals with other interests and hobbies, not the stereotype frequently portrayed.
  • “STEMulate change”: This initiative, led by the Forum to Advance Engineering, Inc., aims to expose all Delaware youth, especially girls and underrepresented minorities, to STEM learning. The project engages youth in grades 4-12 in hands-on learning during out-of-school hours to enhance interest in STEM, motivate students to enroll in higher-level school classes, and build students’ capabilities to successfully pursue STEM-related degrees/certifications and careers.

Independent medical education

AstraZeneca is committed to supporting and enabling quality independent medical and scientific education that enhances patient care and meets our standards of quality and compliance. Learn more about our Medical Education Grants Office.

Medical Education Grants: The independent medical education programs that we support include educational activities certified for continuing medical education (CME/CE) for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, as well as activities without CME credit.

Scientific Sponsorships: We will consider requests for sponsorship of scientific and research conferences and meetings that align with our core strategic business priorities. These meetings are used to provide opportunities for discussion of current research topics or scientific methodology and are not intended to provide medical education to prescribing physicians.