Leading a Revolution in Oncology by Starting With One

Our Purpose

At AstraZeneca, we are leading a revolution in oncology to redefine care for the millions of Americans living with cancer. We are following the science to understand cancer and all its complexities to discover, develop and deliver life-changing treatments and increase the potential for cure. It’s a lofty ambition. But we know that as with every great journey, the road always starts with one—one indication to pursue, one person living with cancer to help, one barrier to overcome, one system to transform—and then another, and builds from there until success is achieved.

What We Do

We approach treatment with the intent to transform survival and provide cures for cancer in every form. We take pride in the industry-leading speed at which we challenge treatment boundaries, focusing on finding cures for some of the most aggressive and hard-to-treat cancers, including breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, bladder, liver, cervical and pancreatic cancers, as well as certain blood cancers.

We help transform the way people with cancer are diagnosed and treated, deploying new strategies and focusing on the properties of a tumor, not just its type. Most cancers have underlying dependencies, although they might be difficult to decipher. We use new data, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital therapeutics, and strengthen the way data are used to identify and target new dependencies. We also leverage technology to improve the speed of our clinical trials and enhance data quality, while deploying AI and machine learning to revolutionize clinical trial design. We focus on all phases of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond to ensure every person living with cancer gets the right treatment at the right time.

How We Do It

In the US, Start with One has been our long-standing approach to making steady progress. We don’t rest on our great medicines or science; we know it’s going to take more. The challenge we see in front of us, that’s what we’re going to solve, and then solve the next and the next with relentless pursuit.

Within the AstraZeneca US Oncology Business Unit, transforming cancer care is personal, with each person playing a role in our mission. Not only is every member of the team integral to revolutionizing oncology, but each member also inspires unparalleled dedication and compassion for the people who need us most—those living with cancer. Combined with passion, commitment to the cancer community and a deep sense of purpose, Start with One fuels us to keep going.

Going Beyond the Medicine

We work relentlessly to accelerate the delivery of our practice-changing medicines and transform the experience of those impacted by cancer and ensure every person gets the right treatment at the right time. We do this by removing barriers to care, transforming systems and taking our commitment to the cancer community beyond our medicines.

We provide support to the patient advocacy community to ensure people diagnosed with cancer are connected to educational resources and support to help navigate their experience from diagnosis to wellness. We partner with organizations on both the national and state levels to advance policy, access and education discussions that support patients and caregivers. We are also working to ensure all people have equitable access to healthcare solutions through diversity in clinical trial participation and improved access to care. By focusing on our Start with One approach, we are not only providing life-changing medicines, but going beyond the medicine to increase access to healthcare and create positive ethical impact, which are integral to ensuring sustainable health outcomes for society.

Our Mission Together

We’re honored to be part of the oncology community. We know that to achieve our ambition of redefining cancer care, we are only a part of the puzzle. We must come together alongside the cancer community—including patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, researchers, healthcare providers, policymakers, families and friends—to bring about real change and impact outcomes for those diagnosed with cancer.

We work at both the state and national level to find opportunities to partner; two recent examples of how we are leveraging our reach and platform to convene the community include our "YOUR Cancer" program, which convenes diverse organizations across the oncology community to identify solutions in areas of precision medicine, early intervention, access and health equity, while providing a stage to foster needed collaboration and bring us one day closer to eliminating cancer as a cause of death, and "New Normal, Same Cancer," a public education initiative to encourage a return to screenings and cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, our giving and volunteerism programs allow our employees to act on their passions and personal commitments to give back, such as through "The Power of Us,” which encourages our employees to donate their time and resources to the causes that matter most to them by providing paid time off to volunteer, as well as a 100% company match on donations made to eligible non-profit organizations.

No matter what, we are firm in our commitment to leave no person with cancer behind as we continue in our bold ambition of working toward a cure.

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