Bob Harper and AstraZeneca Take Survivors Have Heart on the Road

By: Bob Harper, health and fitness expert, best-selling author and heart attack survivor

I’m thrilled to share that Survivors Have Heart is back and bigger than ever before. Survivors Have Heart is a national movement that uses the power of patient stories to engage heart attack survivors and their loves ones, celebrate survivorship and support those who may be at risk of another heart attack. I’m excited to be teaming up with AstraZeneca once again to build our community of survivors and take our message on the road to unite the heart attack survivor community as they navigate the daily journey toward recovery.

This year, we’re expanding our online community, offering more heart healthy tips and resources for survivors, and heading to local communities across the country starting with Tampa, Florida, on June 5th. We’ll be hosting distinct events in each city to bring together inspirational survivors, their loved ones and community stakeholders to participate in a two-day, multifaceted Survivors Have Heart event, focused on mind, body and soul experiences integral to the survivor journey post-heart attack. We hope to continue to raise awareness for those survivors who may be at risk for another heart attack so they can understand their symptoms, see warning signs and take the necessary steps toward living a healthier life. I, along with AstraZeneca, thank the courageous survivors who continue to share their moving stories to inspire resilience and hope in others who have experienced a heart attack, and in turn empower them to embrace a proactive role in their heart health.  

The power of this movement lies in our shared experience reminding survivors that there is life after a heart attack. As a survivor myself and because of my personal commitment to helping other survivors, I hope to raise awareness so that others know that they are not alone—that they have a support network and there are steps they can take in their daily heart health management to heal both physically and emotionally. One of the biggest challenges after surviving a heart attack is learning how to trust your heart again and finding who you are again, and I’ve realized the importance of having a support system in order to find that perspective, build confidence, and move forward to create a plan for a successful future. As survivors, we carry each other, and together with the support of the network of heart attack survivors and our loved ones, we are one heart stronger.

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Bob Harper can’t wait to bring Survivors Have Heart to Tampa