Navigating Cancer Clinical Trials: Where to Start

Nearly every cancer treatment available to patients today was made possible in large part by a clinical trial and the individuals who participated in it. The progress made and knowledge gained throughout the clinical trial process would not be possible without these volunteers, and yet most clinical trial resources are often incomplete, out of date and confusing, making it difficult for cancer patients to get connected to the information they are seeking. 

An estimated 1.6 million people in the United States will face a cancer diagnosis this year, but only about 3 percent of those diagnosed will participate in clinical trials, which are essential in evaluating the safety and effectiveness of each new therapy. AstraZeneca’s commitment to bringing life-changing new medicines to patients includes doing all we can to ensure that:

  • Patients have the opportunity to explore if clinical trial participation makes sense for them
  • Patients are matched to appropriate clinical trials

When patients are diagnosed with cancer, the following questions may be top of mind as they begin their treatment journey: Should I consider joining a clinical trial? What does clinical trial participation entail? How can I locate the most appropriate clinical trial for my particular disease? How do I actually enroll in a clinical trial? At AstraZeneca, we fully understand and embrace the importance of communicating clinical trial information in a clear and easily accessible manner, which is why we developed a resource to support patients through this process. 

Launched in 2009, AstraZeneca’s Cancer Study Locator brings the most current cancer clinical trial information straight to patients and their loved ones, streamlining the searching and matching process.

Using this tool, in a few minutes patients can identify clinical trials that match their type of cancer, stage of disease and treatment history, and locate the closest trial sites to them. The website and mobile application feature studies that are sponsored or supported by AstraZeneca, along with the full national database on cancer treatment trials from all sponsors. The Cancer Study Locator also offers automatic updates when new studies open that match a patient’s profile, as well as the ability to speak by phone with a live person, called a Clinical Trial Navigator. The database is updated daily in order to maintain the integrity of the information provided through this tool and help patients find trials quickly and easily.

The Cancer Study Locator is one important way that patients and caregivers can become involved in their treatment journey and be an active participant in health care decisions. The success of clinical trials and ultimately delivering new cancer treatments to patients rests heavily on matching the right patients with the right trials in a timely manner. Visit the Cancer Study Locator website or download the free mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App store to get started.