Mobile Savings and Support App Offers Patients New Ways to Manage Health

When managing your health, convenience is key. We all want tools that enable us to lead healthier lives while saving us time and money. That’s why AstraZeneca is introducing an industry leading digital support program called AZhelps, built to help you better manage your AstraZeneca medications and your health.

At the core of this first-of-its-kind support program is the AZhelps mobile app, which offers patients prescription savings, personalized product information, healthy lifestyle advice and the ability to connect with the AstraZeneca Information Center— right from your phone.

The AZhelps mobile app helps you save with a mobile AZhelps Savings Card, offering eligible patients lower prescription costs on several medications made by AstraZeneca. You can access the savings card through the AZhelps app or use your mobile browser to register for the AZhelps Savings Card on The savings card will then be added to Apple Wallet or Android Pay for easy access at the pharmacy.

With the app, you can easily keep track of your prescriptions by setting medication and refill reminders to align with your personal dosing regimens. Refills can be ordered from the app and a “tracking history” function will show how long you’ve been following your regimen. The app was designed to store progress and treatment history in one place, enabling patients to share this information with their doctors at their next office visit. Patients with specific questions about their AstraZeneca medications or the savings program can call or tweet AstraZeneca right from the app.

The AZhelps program also lives beyond the app - on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social channels provide useful health information and convenient lifestyle tips to keep your well-being top of mind. The AZhelps team also responds to patient questions on Twitter and Facebook, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST.

Connect with AZhelps on social media via:

The AZhelps app is now available for free download from the Apple App store and Google Play, or visit for direct links to the app in your phone’s app store.