Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes with AZ Patient Support Programs

Eat right. Exercise regularly. Sleep well. Take your medications. Managing type 2 diabetes can be challenging, if not sometimes overwhelming. With more than 29 million Americans living with diabetes, AstraZeneca has developed a number of resources that help people living with diabetes navigate their own personal journey with the condition while establishing healthy habits.


Our newest program, Fit2Me™, offers free type 2 diabetes diet and lifestyle support covering four key areas of diabetes care: food, activity, treatment information and support. Fit2Me allows patients to pick their favorite ingredients, cuisines and fitness activities to build a customized lifestyle plan based on their individual preferences. Love pasta? Fit2Me has 601 diabetes-friendly pasta dishes. Craving dessert? Fit2Me has 902 healthy dessert options. Trying to implement a new cardio routine? Fit2Me has 144 cardio exercises to try out. Fit2Me also provides a personalized digital health coach to help guide each patient’s journey and track their progress.

Fit2Me includes interactive games, team challenges and rewards to encourage individuals to reach their personal goals. But Fit2Me is more than just fun and games – it also includes access to diabetes health resources like type 2 diabetes-trained nurses, certified diabetes educators and assistance verifying insurance coverage.


AstraZeneca also offers SteadySTART™, a diabetes education program that focuses on helping adults with type 2 diabetes by offering them access to Clinical Educators, who  provide participants education focused on healthy eating and being active, as well as treatment support. SteadySTART has both full-time and on-demand Clinical Educators available to help in face-to-face meetings or over the phone. For those patients who prefer group support, the program offers educational sessions, where educators provide resources and lead discussions and activities.

Clinical Educators help patients get started with their treatment and continue to check in throughout the process to ensure patients are on the right track to reach their goals. With check-ins at day 7, day 30, day 60 and day 90, Clinical Educators offer support and encouragement, answer questions, keep patients on track and help them plan for future success.

AZ&ME Prescription Savings Program

AstraZeneca supports patient access to treatments, including diabetes medications, through the AZ&ME Prescription Savings Programs, which is designed to help provide AstraZeneca medications to qualifying people without insurance, those in Medicare Part D and those who receive their medications through participating healthcare facilities.

Patients without insurance or with Medicare Part D can sign up for the program at no cost and remain enrolled for one calendar year, when they can reapply for the following calendar year. Medicines are mailed to the patient’s home or physician’s office at no cost and the patient, physician or caregiver can request refills.

The AZ&Me Prescription Savings program for healthcare facilities is designed to help provide AstraZeneca medicines to low-income patients through qualifying facilities such as disproportionate share hospitals, community health centers, community free clinics, central fill pharmacies and charitable pharmacies. Facilities enrolled in the program can dispense AstraZeneca medicines at no cost or for a nominal, facility-assessed dispensing fee from their outpatient pharmacy or dispensary to qualified patients.

AstraZeneca values the importance of resources, support and information needed for a more positive health care experience, and continuously looks for ways to support patients who want to better manage their type 2 diabetes.