Supporting our people to deliver Growth Through Innovation

At AstraZeneca, everything we do is underpinned by our dedication to being a great place to work. We recognize that our people are our greatest asset and know what’s possible with a talented and diverse team that believes in What Science Can Do. As we enter into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting our people has never been more important. These ever-changing times continue to push us to evaluate our existing ways of working as we adapt to our “new normal”. Investing in the right technology to equip our teams with the tools they need in this new digital world is key to delivering growth through innovation – a new stage of our journey as a company – focused on enhanced innovation and the delivery of life-changing medicines that contribute value to patients and society.

Leveraging technology to drive engagement  

From accelerating our adoption of digital collaboration tools, to investing in new technology, we have continued to evolve how we work with our people at the center of everything we do. In our Market Access organization, we recently chose to partner with Alucio™ to utilize their Beacon cloud-based software to launch a content management and engagement platform for our Account Directors. This innovative technology will enable our teams to quickly and efficiently assemble presentations in a professional and compliant way, allowing Account Directors to foster deeper engagement with the key decision-makers who ultimately ensure patients have access to our medicines.

Another way we’re leveraging technology to drive engagement is through a tool that we recently launched for our Respiratory & Immunology sales representatives. Using an intelligent data algorithm, the tool pulls relevant cost and coverage information for our medicines specific to a Healthcare Provider (HCP)’s patient population. The ability to provide personalized reports tailored to an individual HCP helps our sales representatives cultivate more meaningful interactions with their key stakeholders.  

Bringing innovation to life

While digital tools are helping to drive engagement, we are bringing innovation to life through collaboration. Powered by our A.Catalyst Network – AstraZeneca’s global network of more than 20 health innovation hubs – we are bringing together digital, R&D, and commercial resources to reimagine how we can improve patient outcomes. This interconnected network brings together diverse stakeholders across industry and geographical boundaries to address healthcare challenges by working together. Through creativity and collective problem solving, the A.Catalyst Network embodies what it means to deliver growth through innovation.

The power of our people

While science is at the heart of our every success, we know it’s only achievable when we all work together. We strive to help everyone at AstraZeneca reach their potential, perform at their best and make valuable contribution to the work we do – and, when we equip our teams with the right tools, the possibilities are truly limitless.