COVID-19 Resources for Patients and Caregivers Managing Chronic Conditions

Millions of Americans living with chronic conditions are facing public health challenges presented by COVID-19, including anxiety and feelings of isolation.

Many of our patient advocacy group partners have developed helpful COVID-19 resources for these patients and their caregivers amidst this global pandemic.

Below are resource links to help navigate chronic conditions and access affordable treatment during COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Cancer

COVID-19 and Diabetes, Cardiovascular or Renal conditions:

COVID-19 and Asthma


COVID-19 and Lupus

COVID-19 Caregiving for Patients with Chronic Conditions

COVID-19 and Mental Health

Affording your medication

AZ&Me™ is designed to help qualifying people without insurance and those on Medicare who are having trouble affording their AstraZeneca medications. Learn more here about AZ&Me™, as well as other affordability resources.

About AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Response Efforts in the US

AstraZeneca is contributing to COVID-19 efforts with clinical and technology expertise and providing philanthropic support to ensure patients receive the care they need. In the United States, we are donating protective equipment to frontline healthcare workers including those treating vulnerable populations. We are also supporting the CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund to expand US testing and data capabilities and deploy emergency staffing on the front lines at the state and local level. In addition to the corporate donation, AstraZeneca is matching all employee donations to this cause.  Learn more about our response on the COVID-19 hub