Advancing patient health

A healthier world begins with education to help individuals make informed decisions and navigate available tools and resources. We support programs along the care continuum that empower patients and families to play an active informed role in the management of their health, and strengthen the quality and delivery of services they receive.

Health awareness

Make Your Move Across America: Launched in 2015, the “Make Your Move Across America” campaign, is an educational initiative offering free lipid screenings and cholesterol education to consumers across the country. The campaign reached 21 community events across the country in 2015, screening more than 13,000 patients.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, Inc.’s “Ovarian Cancer 1 in 4 Campaign” is a national media campaign to reduce barriers to genetic testing in women with ovarian cancer and provide peer support for those with a BRCA mutation.

Disease education and support

LvngwithLVNG With (pronounced “Living With”) is a multifaceted campaign intended to support, inspire and educate around lung cancer. The online community is for those living with lung cancer, as well as their loved ones. Part of what makes LVNG With unique is that it was co-created with three renowned US lung cancer advocacy groups that helped develop the program further and deliver LVNG With to their audiences. / LifeBeyondPink.comAstraZeneca’s My MBC Story offers a community for metastatic breast cancer patients to share stories and offer tips for one another. The program is a partnership with The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network and Living Beyond Breast Cancer. offers tailored educational resources created from feedback obtained directly from women living with MBC.

OhISeeThe OhISee community is a place to discover the difference between opioid-induced constipation (OIC) and regular constipation, share personal stories and inspire discussion between patients experiencing OIC and their healthcare providers.

Gout is Serious: Gout is Serious is an online community with resources to help dispel common myths and misconceptions about gout, a discussion guide to help patients talk about gout with their healthcare providers and tips on managing the symptoms of gout through lifestyle, diet and other options.

Tools for health management

Fit2MeFit2Me is a free, online diet and lifestyle support program that allows people with type 2 diabetes to create a customized plan that is personalized based on their likes and dislikes. Fit2Me focuses on four key areas of diabetes management – food, activity, support team and treatment support. You can set up a digital “coach” and receive a customized food and activity plan created around the choices that work best for you. Fit2Me allows you to pick the ingredients, cuisines, and recipes you like. Your activity plan is based on your favorite activities and your activity level. Your plan will give you things like the “trade-off” between activity needed and the calories in what you’re planning to eat. It’s all stored in your personal “file” to access any time. And whether you prefer a printout or viewing on your mobile or tablet device, you can hold your plan in your hand.

Anonymous, Inspiring, Relatable (AIR) AppNAMI AIR is a free, mobile-based social network designed for individuals living with mental health conditions and their family members and caregivers. NAMI AIR is intended to provide another way for people to find and give support, to connect with others through smart phone and computer tablet. Since launching with AZ support in 2014, the app has enabled 4,000+ users to send 100,000+ notes of encouragement.

Health Journey Support.comManaging a chronic health problem can be a lifelong journey for some, but with support and a better understanding of the roads before them, the journey may become easier to travel. The Health Journey Support website offers educational videos, downloadable brochures and apps on the diagnosis, treatment and/or management of many health conditions. Use these educational tools as a roadmap to help start on the path to better health management.

Strengthening healthcare delivery

American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program: Launched by the American College of Cardiology in 2013 through a charitable contribution from AstraZeneca, the ACC Patient Navigator Program is designed to address the many challenges confronting heart attack or heart failure patients during their hospital stay and post-discharge. This unique, national cardio-focused program tests innovative approaches to care that make a patient’s hospitalization less stressful and the recovery period more supportive, developing scalable team-based strategies to reducing readmissions that can be applied by the larger cardiovascular care community. The 35 participating hospitals are supported in developing new or enhancing existing processes to reduce readmissions and improve overall cardiovascular patient care.

Lipids and You: Lipids and You is an application showing an animated illustrative progression of atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the human artery). This is intended to be used by US healthcare providers with patients in a discussion about lipids. Providers can input a patient’s current LDL-C, HDL-C, and triglycerides along with his or her target goals for each lipid value and use the “Report” feature to take a snapshot of any stage of atherosclerosis and e-mail it to the patient along with additional risk factors for plaque buildup and his or her current and goal values for LDL-C, HDL-C and triglycerides.