Let’s talk men’s heart health


Meredith Hemler

19 June 2015

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States, with approximately one in every four male deaths resulting due to a form of the disease. With Men’s Health Week this week and Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s a great time to help increase awareness of heart disease and encourage early detection and proper treatment for you and the men in your life.

The term heart disease encompasses many problems, one of which is acute coronary syndrome (ACS). ACS is an umbrella term for conditions that result from insufficient supply of blood to the heart muscle, such as heart attack and unstable angina (chest pain). An estimated 1.1 million US patients are hospitalized with ACS each year, the majority of them men.

The transition from hospital to home care can be overwhelming, so ACS patients may rely heavily on the support of family and friends to serve as caregivers as they adhere to their ACS treatment plan.

There are a variety of treatment options recommended by medical guidelines that can be used based on the ACS patient’s clinical presentation and individual situation. It is important that patients fill and continue to take their medication as directed to help prevent another heart attack from occurring.

Caregivers cannot afford to allow their loved ones to stop therapy. It is estimated that each year, 210,000 Americans who have already had one or more heart attacks will experience another one

As we honor men’s health and dads everywhere this week, take the opportunity to learn about ACS prevention methods such as exercising regularly, staying on top of medical checkups, reducing stress levels and eating a heart-healthy diet including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  Take an active role in maintaining heart health by talking to your doctor about managing your loved one’s risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event. For more information, visit www.heart.org.