AZ awards medical grant for American Heart Association patient initiative


Meredith Hemler

By: Steve Zelenkofske, D.O., Vice President, US Medical Affairs, Cardiovascular, AstraZeneca

27 April 2015

Cardiovascular (CV) disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women. This startling statistic serves as a daily reminder to AstraZeneca that improvement in health outcomes is not just about discovering and developing new medicines for patients. In order to successfully address complex health challenges, particularly in cardiovascular disease, we must actively seek opportunities to support and partner with the broader community working to improve CV health.

Today, in support of this objective, AstraZeneca awarded a $6 million medical education grant to the American Heart Association (AHA) for a unique cardiovascular health initiative called Guideline Transformation and Optimization (GTO). This initiative is designed to improve the speed with which evidence-based health care guidelines are understood and applied among health care providers in order to help improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

As one of the oldest and largest voluntary organizations dedicated to eliminating heart disease and stroke, the AHA has a tremendous reach and history in moving science into practice, which positions them well to activate medical professionals to leverage science faster, and to empower patients and caregivers to better manage their cardiac health care and coordination. The AHA’s GTO initiative will launch in a step approach, as the association has several guidelines to address heart disease and stroke treatment. Using a comprehensive, coordinated method, the AHA will first focus on innovating processes that will improve the use of guidelines for treating the more than 490,000 Americans who each year have a heart attack, known as non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI). The initiative will also deliver other tools, resources, and educational information to those who are on the front lines of treating patients with severe health issues.

At AstraZeneca, our teams will continue to challenge conventional thinking by pushing the boundaries of medical science to create life-changing medicines that address multiple cardiovascular risks. We also remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting unique cardiovascular health programs created by the broader CV community that are designed to deliver a lasting standard of care and the best potential outcomes for patients.