Teens develop assets at sixth annual “Hollywood Invades Delaware” Teen Summit


Michele Meixell

For the sixth straight year, AstraZeneca supported the Delaware Prevention Coalition’s Hollywood Invades Delaware, a teen summit dedicated to educating teens, parents and guardians on the issues facing young people today; including underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and other risky behaviors. More than 600 teens from across the state of Delaware spent the day developing skills through a series of events, resources and workshops that encourage positive and critical thinking skills that promote self-respect and self-esteem.

Paul Calistro, Executive Vice President, West End Neighborhood House expressed his gratitude for AstraZeneca and its commitment to community, saying, “AstraZeneca’s enthusiasm, excitement and passion for wanting to not only be successful, but to help other people in their community change lives, is incredible, and without the leadership of AstraZeneca this would never have happened”.

AstraZeneca’s support of programs like the Delaware Prevention Coalition’s teen summit is one example of the company’s support for Delaware’s youth. AstraZeneca is also the sponsor of the United Way’s Young Health Program: IM40; an initiative that promotes positive youth development and healthy behaviors for at-risk adolescents.

To learn about YHP: IM40, take a moment and visit the newly updated website at www.im40.org. The recent renovations to the website allow youth, parents, teachers and community leaders to navigate the site separately with customized information that is most relevant to them.

You also can get updates by liking YHP: IM40 on Facebook and following IM40YHP on Twitter.