Resources Available for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients


Alisha Martin

By Frank Trudo, MD, Medical Director

Breathing is a critical function.  But for millions of Americans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the ability to breathe can be a struggle.

The third-leading cause of death in the US and a major cause of disability, COPD is one of the most prevalent respiratory diseases in the country. While 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with the disease, it’s estimated that another 12 million remain undiagnosed.

A progressive condition that usually starts in patients over the age of 40, COPD requires long-term treatment and care. In observance of COPD Awareness Month this November, AstraZeneca is demonstrating its commitment to ongoing COPD disease education, by making online resources, including information about the disease and treatment options, available for patients and health care providers.  Additional resources, including information on risk factors and tips to help manage COPD, can be found here.

Disease education is an important component of overall patient care. As a leader in respiratory disease research and treatments, AstraZeneca remains committed to supporting efforts to help the millions of Americans who are living with COPD.

You can learn more about AstraZeneca’s focus on respiratory and other key areas here.