AstraZeneca launches webisode to aid HCP-patient dialogue


Michele Meixell

AZ’s Bridging the Gap webisode features testimonials from women living with metastatic breast cancer.

As part of our ongoing support for patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), AstraZeneca  launched an interactive, educational video portal on entitled Bridging the Gap. The program features testimonials from seven women living with metastatic breast cancer, communicating their personal health journeys directly to health care providers (HCPs).

To aid the dialogue between patients with MBC– the most advanced stage of breast cancer–and their HCPs, each woman has shared her own concerns and goals while living with MBC, highlighting the importance of effective doctor-patient communication as well as their experiences with what makes this relationship a success. From receiving a diagnosis of MBC to working as a team with oncologists, the women provide perspective on how key conversations have played a role in their own treatment journeys.

Tools for both HCPs and patients are also available. Visit the site and download educational resources.