AstraZeneca joins adherence partnership


Michele Meixell

AstraZeneca is proud to be a part of a new coalition, Prescriptions for a Healthy America: A Partnership for Advancing Medication Adherence, aimed at developing, promoting, and helping enact policy solutions to improve medicine adherence nationwide.

Prescriptions for a Healthy America is a partnership of patient, health care providers, pharmacy organizations, consumers, and health care industry leaders whose goal is to develop near-term policy solutions to improve medication adherence.

According to a new national survey commissioned by the Partnership for a Healthy America, two-thirds of Americans are not adhering to their prescribed medication regimen.

Medication adherence means that patients are taking their medications at the times, dosages, frequencies, and direction prescribed. Failure to do so results in negative health effects for patients and reduced effectiveness of treatment regimens.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates that hospital admissions resulting strictly from poor medication adherence costs the United States $100 billion per year.

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