Jamie Lawlor

Eight AstraZeneca employees are in Cleveland, Ohio to compete in the 2013 National Senior Games which kicked off on July 19 and run through August 1. The Senior Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world for men and women ages 50 and older.

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance health and wellness for people of all ages, AstraZeneca continues a proud four-time Gold Medal sponsorship of the Summer National Senior Games.

Our 2013 Senior Games athletes tell us what inspires them to stay motivated and to compete:

Sharada Bhat, Archery:

I get energized by it. I like the team comaraderie and friendship.Most importantly, the kids I coach motivate me to be a better coach and archer.

Mitchell Doub, Track:

My inspiration comes from the memory and honor of my sons, Nicholas and Andrew, who overcame many obstacles to excel in Cross Country and participate in two high school state championships. Finally, I’m motivated by a desire to stay young and fit for as long as I can!

Edna Hecht, Track & Field:

Many things inspire me to stay motivated and compete. I ran track in high school, college and post college and this is a chance to do it again. It is a driver for me to push myself even more than I regularly do. At my age, it’s nice to have events targeted specifically for my age group and older. It will be fun and at the end, no matter how I finish, there will be no better feeling than knowing I gave it my all.

Katherine Karageorges-Sharp, Swimming:

I enjoy how great I feel after a good workout. Although I would not want to compete all the time, competing and training take me out of my comfort zone and it feels great to see what you can do. In the 2011 National Senior Games, I set two national records, so I’ve definitely set the bar quite high for myself this year!

Wayne Michelcavage, Volleyball:

It is nothing more complicated than I still love to play the game of volleyball and want to continue as long as I can. While this love of playing hasn’t diminished as I’ve gotten older, the need to stay as fit as I can through exercise and diet has become much more important than it was years ago. Also, being a team sport, I don’t want to let teammates down by not being able to give my best.

Tom Selestok, Bowling:

My inspiration comes from several places. First, I get better results when I enjoy an activity. Bowling competitions have taken me to many cities across America and now, I get to travel to Cleveland! Second, we all develop certain skills and I have never bowled better in my life until recently. This visible change in performance keeps me coming back to achieve more mastery of the skill needed. Finally, bowling is a sport with a long shelf life to compete. I plan to do this well into my life and hope my commitment to a healthy life style enables me to do so.

Janet Stoltenborg, Archery:

The opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and travel to new places keeps me motivated.

Zhiping You, Badminton:

From a general point of view, any forms of exercise becomes boring after several years but frequent participation in tournament makes it always fresh. From a personal point of view, I have won silver medals at the National Games a few times, but have never won the gold. This is my goal, and it motivates me to improve my skill and compete. From a health point of view, to win in tournament requires skill improvement and skill improvement makes it more fun to play, and more fun to play makes it a enjoyable activity to exercise. And good health comes along as a byproduct of enjoyment.

We wish our competitors the best of luck at the games this year! Follow along with our employee athletes during their time in Cleveland on Twitter at @AstraZenecaUS using the hashtag #NSG2013.