World Heart Day 2015: Keeping Cardiovascular Health at the Heart of Our Mission

Today is World Heart Day, a day set aside each year to raise awareness of the risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD), and to take steps to help improve the heart health of individuals around the globe. But what does this mean to us at AstraZeneca? With over 100 years of cardiovascular (CV) experience, AstraZeneca continues to build a strong focus around CV health and the patients it impacts. This World Heart Day, we are sharing our efforts to offer resources that support heart health in a variety of ways. Through a cross-country tour of America that educated the public on cholesterol health, and programs that provide support and help patients access and afford their medicines, AstraZeneca works to strengthen our commitment to helping millions of CV patients worldwide.

This year we launched “Make Your Move Across America,” a national cholesterol education initiative that seeks to bring attention to one of the most common risk factors for developing heart disease – high cholesterol. Many people may not realize that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, globally. By offering free cholesterol screenings to adults 18 and older at events across the United States, from state fairs to baseball games, Make Your Move Across America is providing the opportunity to learn more about your cholesterol numbers and how to work with your doctor to manage those numbers. More than 10,000 Americans have been screened to-date as a result of this initiative.

We feel it is important that CV patients understand what steps they can take to live a healthy life. AstraZeneca aims to meet this need with a patient support service that provides resources to help CV patients and caregivers from hospital discharge throughout the treatment journey. The free program offers important patient education and coaching in addition to savings offers, refill reminders, personal pharmacy locator, co-pay calculator, and coverage verification and information.

To support their ongoing care plan, patients also need access to the right medications. For the convenience of patients, AstraZeneca offers free home delivery of prescription hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) medicine to patients, a simpler way to meet patient needs.

AstraZeneca continually looks for ways to help patients not only access the care they need, but also help them more fully understand the importance of heart health. To us, World Heart Day serves as a reminder to continue to identify and meet the needs of CV patients and educate the community about actions they can take to reduce their risk of CVD.