AZ’s ARIMIDEX Direct Website Launches New Inspirational Tool


Meredith Hemler

By Rick R. Suarez, Head of Mature Brands, AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca recognizes the need for robust patient support resources, from financial assistance to educational materials highlighting the importance of appropriate treatments. But we also recognize the importance of emotional support and a strong network during the patient journey.

AstraZeneca recently launched the new “Frame of Mind Studio” on This social sharing tool allows users to create their own inspirational image and share it with friends and family. Choose your font, message, and customize it to make it your own. It’s a new way for patients and their loved ones to take a moment and reflect on what inspires them and to share their frame on Facebook, Pinterest, or download onto their computers.

Launched in February 2012, ARIMIDEX® (anastrozole) Direct enables eligible patients to easily enroll and receive brand-name ARIMIDEX delivered directly to their home for $30 per month, including shipping.

ARIMIDEX Direct is part of AstraZeneca Direct, a program that offers a variety of patient support services through a pharmacy partner, including delivery of select brand name prescription medications directly to a person’s home. Since it was launched, over 3000 patients have enrolled in AstraZeneca Direct, and the direct-to-patient platform continues to serve as an important way for AstraZeneca to help meet the needs of patients.

For more information about ARIMIDEX Direct and to create your own inspirational message, visit

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