AZ Honors the Courage of Women Living with Ovarian Cancer


Meredith Hemler

In recognition of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September, AstraZeneca is empowering women with ovarian cancer to know the facts and make informed treatment decisions. The commonality of ovarian cancer symptoms, its potentially asymptomatic nature, and lack of a reliable screening method have contributed to why ovarian cancer has often been called a “silent killer.” Sadly, ovarian cancer still ranks fifth in cancer deaths among U.S. women and claims more deaths than any other female cancer of the reproductive system.

In spite of these challenges, AstraZeneca believes every journey with ovarian cancer is unique. For this reason, AstraZeneca has launched to provide the support women in this community need to live their best life. The site provides key information, such as what to expect during the ovarian cancer journey, the importance of personalized care, and information about treatment centers and support groups. Recognizing the power of the support system, also provides useful resources for caregivers. AstraZeneca encourages the ovarian cancer community to share information from with others as a way to help raise continued disease awareness.

AstraZeneca remains committed to expanding on our more than 30-year history in oncology through continued gynecologic cancer research and believes that women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer need to stand together. There’s strength in numbers and with strength comes hope.

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AstraZeneca’s has launched during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in an effort to continue this important conversation around disease awareness.