AZ Announces TEDMED2014 Sponsorship


Meredith Hemler

A healthier world does not come from medicine alone. Through innovative discoveries, new approaches to medicine and health, and thought-provoking dialogue with the brightest minds across a wide variety of sectors, we are able to make a consequential difference to the healthcare community as a whole. Sustaining this forward-thinking approach affects the lives of all populations in the healthcare ecosystem, from patients and caregivers to scientists, physicians, and the broader health system. This is why AstraZeneca is supporting TEDMED2014 as a Corporate Innovation Patron.

This year’s conference focuses on nine themes aimed at unlocking the imagination, many of which align with AstraZeneca’s vision and values. One of TEDMED’s themes, “Flat Out Amazing,” for example, explores the liberation that happens when we recognize the limits of our knowledge – those transformational moments when we realize that the more we know, the more we realize how little we know. Speakers will include Diana Nyad, who swam 110-miles from Havana to Key West at age 64, and Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the revolutionary blood diagnostics company Theranos.

Other relevant TEDMED topics are “Stealing Smart,” demonstrating how some of the best solutions to problems in health and medicine can come from other worlds than the domain where the problem originated, or the controversial issues in health and medicine that many people are reluctant to discuss publicly that will be tackled in “Don’t You Dare Talk About This.”

TEDMED also features The Hive, a community of startups and entrepreneurs powering transformation and innovation towards a healthier future. Selected from hundreds of applications and nominations, these inspiring leaders will be showcasing game-changing startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs that power them at TEDMED 2014 in both San Francisco and Washington, DC. This year, AstraZeneca will send a team of 10 leaders and representatives to attend the conference in Washington, D.C. or San Francisco, CA, and encourages all global employees to join virtually.

Follow the conversation in real-time on Twitter with #TEDMED and @TEDMED. Stay tuned to TEDMED’s YouTube channel over the coming month as they release videos of this year’s Talks.

About TEDMED: TEDMED is the annual multi-disciplinary gathering where leaders from all sectors of society come together to explore the promise of technology and the potential of human achievement in health and medicine.

Bringing together doctors, patients, policymakers, technologists, educators, students, media, researchers, innovators, and many others, TEDMED shares and celebrates the best of what the world has to offer in health and medicine.

TEDMED, LLC is an independent organization. The TED logo is used under an exclusive license from the nonprofit TED conference. For more information, please visit

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