Tom Hushen

recent PharmaPhorum post explored the process through which AstraZeneca approaches potential external opportunities via an interview with Shaun Grady, VP, Strategic Partnering & Business Development at AstraZeneca.

During a one-on-one interview, Grady was asked what AZ looks for in a licensing partner:

It all starts with strategy. We have made partnering or ‘externalization’ firmly part of the corporate strategy. We take that strategic intent, and we develop strategies for our early discovery and early development parts of the business, which in AstraZeneca are called iMeds, that’s Innovative Medicine Units. There are five iMeds for small molecules. There is also our MedImmune large molecule biologics business. Then we have the phase III later stage part of the business which is called Global Medicines Development. For each of those areas we then develop a business development strategy, and a ranked list of targets that we would like to secure and bring into the business.

AZ is collaborating with leading academic institutions and pre-competitive research consortiums, seeking high-quality partnerships and business development opportunities to tap into the best science available externally, to grow and enhance our portfolio.

Grady goes on to discuss what disease and treatment areas AZ is most interested in, the engagement process itself, and past partnerships that have been successful. To read more, visit the PharmaPhorum’s post.

To learn more about partnering with AstraZeneca, visit http://www.astrazeneca-us.com/about-us/partnering.

AZ’s Shaun Grady, VP, Strategic Partnering & Business Development.