Patient program featured in Pharmaphorum


Tony Jewell

Steven Davis, Executive Director, Foundation Brands, Cornerstone, recently spoke with Pharmaphorum about our commitment to providing patients with treatment options and affordable access to brand-name ARIMIDEX® (anastrozole).

"We believe this is an important way for AstraZeneca to help meet customer needs in the US. Direct To Patient is about choice. It is about giving patients the choice to have the branded product. It may also help the physicians with fewer access-related hassles in prescribing brand-name ARIMIDEX"

Davis also highlighted the progress of the ARIMIDEX Direct patient program since its launch one year ago – and the motivation behind its foundation:

AstraZeneca develops many programs based on the specific needs of the patient and our business. ARIMIDEX lost patent exclusivity in 2010. Patients had called the AstraZeneca Information Center asking how they could get ARIMIDEX more affordably. AstraZeneca conducted research that confirmed that since ARIMIDEX has gone generic, many health care plans are no longer covering brand-name ARIMIDEX. Further, the price for generic anastrozole varies by retailer. ARIMIDEX Direct is a responsive program for patients electing to receive and pay for the brand ARIMIDEX on their own.

ARIMIDEX Direct allows eligible patients to get brand-name ARIMIDEX delivered to their door for $40 or less a month. To date, over 1,400 patients are using ARIMIDEX Direct.

The full Pharmaphorum article can be viewed here.