How Will the Affordable Care Act Impact Rx Savings Programs?


Alisha Martin

Fundamental changes are coming to the U.S. health system when the new health insurance marketplaces or “exchanges” established as part of the Affordable Care Act take effect on January 1.  Tens of millions more Americans are expected to be covered by health insurance – including prescription drug coverage – as a result of this and other reforms.

We are regularly asked how the new health law will impact our business and what it will mean for our prescription savings programs, which helped 562,000 patients save $1.2 billion on nearly 4.6 million free prescriptions in 2012.

But will there be a need for these savings programs if patients have insurance plans that cover prescription medicine costs? If so, how will the programs be different?

We sat down with Jennifer McGovern, who runs AstraZeneca’s prescription savings programs, to get her perspective about what – if any – changes will be coming to the AZ&Me patient assistance programs.

Watch this brief video for highlights of our conversation, and click here for a full transcript.