AstraZeneca recognized as top evidence development influencer


Michele Meixell

HealthNetwork Communications has compiled a list of the Top 25 influencers in evidence development. Individuals from AstraZeneca and our partner HealthCore topped the list based on their experience, career achievements and contributions to evidence development.

Brian Sweet, the Executive Director of U.S. Payer & Real World Evidence at AstraZeneca, was named the No. 3 influencer in evidence development. At AstraZeneca, he focuses on our initiatives in real world evidence (RWE) and comparative effectiveness research, as well as RWE with U.S. payers and integrating delivery networks.

Marcus Wilson, the president and co-founder of HealthCore, the health outcomes research subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., was named the No. 1 influencer in evidence development. HealthCore is AstraZeneca’s founding partner in the RWE Health Collaborative.

AstraZeneca is investing in RWE because we want to be more informed about our products and how they work in real-world settings. Our RWE capability allows us to generate the insights that both AstraZeneca needs, and our customers want, to help make informed decisions about clinical options and the value of these options.

Our approach to RWE goes far beyond examining claims data to be inclusive of clinical datasets like Registries and Electronic Health Records so we can have a full understanding of how our products help to improve patient health and impact total cost of care.  This provides insights into what is happening in the real world (evaluate benefits design, clinical guidelines, and patient demographics and adherence), which can help answer the question “why” we are seeing the real world utilization and costs in the market.

We are also focused on how we can help reduce the time it takes to get from generating the evidence to using it in practical ways.

RWE helps us fill important information gaps that matter to payers, providers and patients.