Michele Meixell

On June 6, 2013, a select group of members in the breast cancer community convened at AstraZeneca’s headquarters in Wilmington, DE.

A first for AstraZeneca, this was a unique opportunity to learn from a diverse group of advocates/bloggers about the evolution of patient and caregiver support in the age of social media, as well as their efforts to advance care and resources for breast cancer patients.

The event also served as a platform for peer-to-peer dialogue and collaboration.The breast cancer community has done amazing work in terms of disease awareness, education and support and we at AstraZeneca were pleased to have hosted a discussion that highlighted where we are today.

AstraZeneca has been at the forefront of oncology treatment for over 30 years and is fully committed to cancer research, treatment and community support. By hosting this summit, we hope to continue the lines of communication with the community to better understand and accommodate the evolving needs of patients, as well as those who are involved in their care.

Participants from Cancer 101, Stupid Cancer, METAvivor, Awesome Cancer Survivor, and Talk About Health joined AstraZeneca for a robust discussion on breast cancer patient needs