Our Hearts Are Open: Our Commitment to the Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Diabetes Communities During COVID-19

For the millions of Americans living with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes, we recognize that managing your health can be hard under any circumstances. COVID-19 has presented additional challenges, making it both more critical and more complex to stay healthy.

There’s still so much we don’t know about reopening the world safely. While guidance remains to stay home as much as possible, we recognize that may not be an option for some. For those living with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes, taking care of yourself, and others, may take you out into the world.

Routines and expectations are changing daily, but the need to manage your health remains constant. We stand with you, to support you, and while doors may still be closed, our hearts are open to all of you. We created this program to support your community during this time and provide resources from our advocacy partners to help you manage your overall health.

Join Us
Whether you’re living with one of these chronic conditions or you love someone with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or diabetes, we invite you to show your support for this community with us.

How you can get involved!

● Click the link below to download the badge and post it to one of your social channels. This badge is a symbol of how we must unite to keep our hearts open for patients living with these chronic conditions.

● Update your profile picture on Facebook to include the custom Facebook frame.

● Share your story and how your heart is open for all those living with these chronic conditions. Use the hashtag #OurHeartsAreOpen and share www.OurHeartsAreOpen.com so we can spread the love. 

Our Commitment
We recognize the complexities that come with living with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. In this challenging time, managing your health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. Our commitment remains: as your health takes you out into the world, we stand with you. If you are taking any AstraZeneca medicine to treat your diabetes, cardiovascular disease or complications as a result of chronic kidney disease and you are having trouble affording your medicines, AstraZeneca may be able to help. Please visit www.azandme.com to learn more about AstraZeneca’s affordability options.

Knowledge is Power
We know that access to reliable information is vital for patients as the environment continues to shift. We want to extend our deep gratitude for the incredible work of our advocacy partners to keep patients informed during COVID-19. For helpful resources at your fingertips about telemedicine, health equity, connecting with your community, and healthy living, please see below:




Health Equity


Patient Community Connections


Healthy Living

Additional COVID-19 Resources

AstraZeneca Programs


What We’re Doing
Through Our Hearts Are Open, AstraZeneca is supporting communities to ensure patients continue to get the care you need and treatment you deserve, today and every day.

As part of Our Hearts Are Open, we’re working closely with our cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic advocacy partners to address the urgent needs of the patient community by supporting initiatives that improve telemedicine, health equity, patient community connections, and healthy living. Below is more information with several examples of AstraZeneca’s commitments to support patients: