A pharmacist dispensing medicine

We focus our skills and resources every day on developing medicines to prevent and treat serious illnesses

AstraZeneca medications

We provide a list containing full prescribing information for all of our medicines, and a range of websites dedicated to providing you with product-specific information.

Product counterfeiting

Counterfeiting of medicines is a serious and growing problem around the world. We work within AstraZeneca and with other pharmaceutical companies, governments, law enforcement agencies and health care professionals to prevent and detect counterfeiting.

Help affording your medicines

We believe it’s not enough for us to simply make medicines. We have to make sure that the people who need those medicines can get them.

What does it take to find a new medicine?

It takes time – more than 10 years. It takes money – up to $1 billion before the first sales are made. But most importantly, it takes skill, experience and collaboration – working with our stakeholders and our partners to identify needs and meet them with medicines that make a real difference.